What is "Digital On Screen"

We are a Montreal and Toronto based company with a focus on affordable Digital Signage for Restaurant menus, Retail, Cafes, Bars, Lobbies... We specialize in displaying dynamic media on high-res screens to give your business a fresh new perspective.

We create real video wall type displays and include free professional photography to be certain that your displays are franchise ready.

Check Out The Features

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Digital signage and Restaurant Menu displays for the Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto regions. Our signage really stands out because we focus on dynamic content with video wall style menus for restaurants, storefront LED, retail, cafes and more. We have a vast portfolio of satisfied customers including Double Pizza, Cote St-Luc BBQ, Wrap Kings, SpiceBros and many more.
Let us design and display your media with a single goal in mind: to maximize your profitability.

See what an impact our digital signage can have on your business:

  • Our design work is truly awe-inspiring:

    • We create rich video wall type menus with  animated graphics instead of static data
    • Our design team is awesome. We’ll design your menus/displays from the ground up
    • We’ll set you up. No need for complex wiring or technicians
    • Time based display. Example: for restaurants, breakfast specials can be displayed at 6am then the lunch menu can be displayed at noon, thus maximizing product exposure.
  • Our displays will maximize product exposure and make you save!

    • Our system is designed to work with signage monitors or cost effective TV monitors
    • Virtually eliminates the need for printed media
    • Eliminates the need for expensive illuminated static displays and menu boards
    • Zero maintenance: no complex networking or service providers necessary
  • We want to make you maximize your business potential.

    • Save big by eliminating uninspiring illuminated displays and printed media
    • Visualize your top sellers instead of relying on sales persons to maximize your earning potential
    • Our strategically placed pop-ups are designed to up-sell without relying on the employee


Here's what we offer:


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Call us toll free: 1 888 391-6863 or 514 435-3666.

We can also see you for a free consultation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.